baby shower games that aren't lame

I just attended a baby shower and I am not going to lie, I was dreading it. Not the gal being showered, particularly, but the boring and lame games that were bound to be there. You know the drill. We have all attended one too many of these. You walk in, someone takes your gift to the table, you mingle (sometimes awkwardly) thinking the entire time when you can make your break to the food line. When it’s finally appropriate to fill your plate (and your mouth), you rush over. As you’re eating, the host usually announces that it’s time to play a game. You quick bee line to the bathroom only to find that it’s locked. Someone else had the exact same idea as you. So you slowly mosey over to the couch and begin the inevitable game playing. As I was on my way home, after the shower, I was inspired to write this blog. I thought, “There just has to be shower games out there that don’t suck…” So, I hereby present to you this review of 5 AWESOME games to play in a group… particularly at a baby shower!

  1. Time Capsule

Ask the guests to bring in items that are relevant to what’s happening now in the world. For example, newspaper clippings, receipts for gas or food items, photos of the soon-to-be parents, etc. Look at the items and discuss together then place into a box to be opened when babe is a decade or two older.

  1. Play Dough Baby

This can help people avoid some of the awkward chit-chat if you provide the conversation piece for them. Give guests a ball of play dough and let them have at it. The task is to create the best (or worst) baby with their ball of dough. Compare the finished products.

  1. Baby Face Mashup

Enlarge and print out pictures of both parents. Cut the photos into strips and allow the guests to create one hybrid baby of the two partners. This is bound to get people laughing hysterically and lightening the mood a bit.

  1. Baby Photo Guess Who?!?

Ask the guests ahead of time to send you a baby picture of themselves. Create a play card with their faces and play guest guess who. For an added challenge, include some baby pictures of celebrities.

  1. The Baby Bucket List

Decorate a bucket before the shower. Have the guests write down things they hope will happen to/for the baby in their lifetime. Share aloud. You too may even be inspired to add these to your personal bucket list!

Well, there ya have it. A list of non-traditional and creative baby shower games that are bound to get people laughing and mingling. And maybe even leaving and saying… “That was a heck of a good time!”


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