Months upon months of staying at home may find your children bored and reliant on screens to entertain. No shame in it, survival mode is on in full-force for most of us these days. If you’re looking to introduce something novel to break up the monotony and want to reminisce about your own childhood at the same time, here are some retro toys your kids may be into as much as you were back in the day.

Lite Brite
With a classic like Lite Brite, you’re guaranteed to bring some excitement to your little ones. Recommended for children 4 years and above, this slimmer version of what you may remember to be much bulkier, is still full of shining fun for your kids. Bonus: it offers great fine motor skills practice!

Shrinky Dinks
What could be more fun than magical shrinking capabilities? Shrinky Dinks are available in pre-created drawings ready for coloring and in blank sheet-form to create your own images, but the most fun happens after they’ve been colored! You pop them in the oven for a few minutes and your child can watch as they curl up, shrink down to a third of their original size, then magically flatten out ready to be your next key chain, charm, or other decoration.

Have a child who is at least 7 years old who loves jumping around and has energy to burn? MoonShoes are made to simulate anti-gravity environments. They’re also great for helping develop balance and coordination.

Sit’N Spin
I can still remember the fun I had as a kid on this simple but entertaining toy! A gross motor toy made for children as young as 18 months, this one is always a good time. The name Sit’N Spin is all the guidance one needs to enjoy this toy! Sit down, use the center as leverage and spin to your heart’s content. Your little one is sure to enjoy it!

Advertised as being best for children 8 and older, the spirograph is a set of gears and wheels that helps create beautiful drawn designs. It could be just the thing you need to keep your kiddo busy while you log in to that next Zoom meeting.

While this summer may be a bit more lowkey than past ones, introducing your children to some retro-toys could be just the thing to help you spark your own inner-child and make the best of current circumstances. You’re sure to make some positive memories too!

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