Pelvic Floor Prep & Comfort Measures for Labor 

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This prenatal seminar will be conducted over 2 days in 3 hour sessions.

Where: REVO Fitness
When: April 25 & 26, 2020 from 12-3
Investment: $300
This curriculum has the following agenda:
DAY 1 from 12-3pm
  • Pelvic Floor 101
  • Pelvic Floor Prenatal Fitness
  • Pelvic Floor Childbirth Prep
DAY 2 from 12-3pm: (This portion requires a birth partner in attendance)
  • Comfort Measures for Labor
  • Labor positions and their benefit + labor rehearsal
  • Relaxation for birth
Pelvic Floor 101 topics include: what is the pelvic floor, what you should know, how to kegel properly, normal function of the pelvic floor, possible dysfunction and injury, the role of the pelvic floor in childbirth
Pelvic Floor Prenatal Fitness topics include: exercises to integrate the core for mobility and strength, to maintain function during pregnancy, reduce risk of injury during childbirth, and improve postpartum recovery
Pelvic Floor Childbirth Prep topics include: musculoskeletal strategies for injury prevention and labor progression
Comfort Measures for Labor- Couples will learn and practice a variety of tools and techniques to remain comfortable and relaxed during labor. Partners will understand how to incorporate touch during labor, as well as various ways to physically and emotionally support the birthing person. Students will explore labor positions and their benefits during a labor rehearsal exercise. Class will conclude with guided meditation and discussion about relaxation techniques.

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