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Carmen Calvo

Founder | San Antonio

Carmen Calvo founded The Nurturing Root in November 2011 in Baltimore, MD. Having struggled with postpartum fatigue, anxiety and sadness after the birth of her first child, Carmen was eager to find a natural way to avoid these feelings again when she became pregnant with her second baby. Carmen began studying the benefits of placentophagy and had her placenta encapsulated.

The difference it made in her physical and emotional well being made Carmen a firm believer in the healing properties of a baby’s placenta – her mood stabilized, her energy levels rose, and her breast milk supply greatly increased. Gone was the feeling of being on an emotional roller coaster; the placenta encapsulation experience helped Carmen to experience motherhood the way she had always wanted to experience it.

Carmen was so passionate about placentophagy that she dedicated herself to training as a placenta encapsulation specialist. Eager to share the placenta’s restorative powers with other parents, and inspired by the image a placenta created when printed, she started The Nurturing Root, and has been happily offering her services ever since.

Over the years, The Nurturing Root has grown to include full service birth and postpartum support in San Antonio, as well as Baltimore. We've supported hundreds of families in their journey and transition into parenthood, and it has been an honor to witness families grow.

If you’re a San Antonio parent-to-be, let Carmen be a part of your birth experience – and give yourself and your baby the gift of postpartum health and contentment.

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