How many pills will my placenta make?

An average placenta will make between 80-120 pills, although some placentas make more.

Is there any time I should NOT take my placenta capsules?

You should discontinue use of your placenta capsules if you become ill with a fever (flu or cold) or get an infection such as mastitis. You may resume use of the capsules once symptoms have subsided.

The Nurturing Root offers placenta encapsulation services for new mother in San Antonio, TX.

How do I care for my placenta once it has been born?

It is critically important that you take a cooler and 2 gallon-sized zip-lock baggies with you to the hospital or birth center. The nursing staff will place the placenta in the gallon-sized zip-lock bags (one inside the other) or a container with a secure lid. The packaged placenta should be kept cold, surrounded by ice, in a cooler until your encapsulator arrives to pickup the placenta.

Is it difficult to get my placenta released from the hospital?

No, San Antonio area hospitals will release the placenta without issue.  Carmen is familiar with placenta release protocols at locals hospitals and is happy to answer any questions regarding your birth location.

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