Placenta Encapsulation… Again?

By Kristie Graybill | April 18, 2019 | Comments Off on Placenta Encapsulation… Again?
Placenta Encapsulation San Antonio

We polled a couple three-peat clients to ask why they chose to encapsulate their placenta three times with The Nurturing Root. Below you’ll learn why placenta encapsulation was worth doing over and over. Jillian, mom of 5 notes, “There are many benefits that I personally experienced with placenta encapsulation. My milk supply has been consistently … Read more…

It’s Worth Your Time

By Heather Pladna | April 9, 2019 | Comments Off on It’s Worth Your Time
planning for birth

We all covet time. We often feel like there isn’t enough time in our day to get the important things done and then the “extras” usually wind up ignored. “It’s all about prioritizing,” is what we’re told and that tends to ring true. For instance, engaged couples, working without a wedding planner, are estimated to … Read more…

Myth Busters: Prenatal Fitness

By Kristie Graybill | March 11, 2019 | Comments Off on Myth Busters: Prenatal Fitness
prenatal fitness myths

Eat healthy. Satisfy your cravings. Work out. Do not work out. Don’t lift that. Are you sure you can run? Do any of these opinions sound familiar? While pregnant, the conflicting advice runs rampant. So I am here today to bust three popular fitness prenatal myths. If you weren’t working out before your pregnancy, stick … Read more…

Protein Hacks During Pregnancy (and Beyond)

By Kristie Graybill | February 28, 2019 | Comments Off on Protein Hacks During Pregnancy (and Beyond)

We have all probably heard it said a time or two that a pregnant mama should be getting enough protein. Just how much protein is enough though? And what’s the big deal anyway? The recommended DAILY amount for a pregnant woman is around 80 grams. To put it in perspective, one large egg is 7 … Read more…

Managing Expectations: Baby Sleep

By Heather Pladna | February 14, 2019 | Comments Off on Managing Expectations: Baby Sleep

As a new parent, you anticipate losing some sleep, you anticipate night-feedings, and you accept a level of sleep deprivation. Once you’ve settled in though, things become so hard, so fast. When that sleep deprivation compounds, you might find yourself vulnerable to all the noise that all-too-often blares in the ears of new parents. The … Read more…

5 Interesting Facts about the Umbilical Cord

By Heather Pladna | January 8, 2019 | Comments Off on 5 Interesting Facts about the Umbilical Cord
umbilical cord facts

One might think there’s little mystery to the umbilical cord, but it turns out there’s a lot to learn about the lifeline connecting mother and baby. Here are 5 interesting facts about that special life-giving link. Umbilical Cord Forms Shortly after Fertilization Soon after an egg is fertilized, it splits in two, half that becomes … Read more…

No Place like Home: How Home-Birth Could Set the Stage for Long-term Health

By Heather Pladna | November 12, 2018 | Comments Off on No Place like Home: How Home-Birth Could Set the Stage for Long-term Health
homebirth microbiome

We’ve all heard about how vital a healthy gut is for one’s physical well-being. Gut health has been linked to a strong immune system and optimal metabolism. So, it’s no surprise that newborn gut-health has been receiving more attention lately. It’s not news that gut-flora has been found to be most robust in newborns who … Read more…

Before you Register for that Hospital Birthing Class…

By Heather Pladna | October 29, 2018 | Comments Off on Before you Register for that Hospital Birthing Class…
hospital birth class

Congrats! You’re pregnant and excited to learn all the things about labor and delivery. You’ve done some preliminary research and you’ve decided that natural childbirth is your goal. Everything you’ve skimmed over and those birth stories you’ve read online have given you confidence. You are certain this is something you can and will do, at … Read more…

5 reasons you should be practicing tummy time with your baby

By Kristie Graybill | September 19, 2018 | Comments Off on 5 reasons you should be practicing tummy time with your baby
tummy time

What exactly is Tummy Time? Tummy Time is the ability for a baby to hold his/her head up without assistance. This skill is important for a baby to properly develop. You can begin as early as two weeks after baby is born. How do I do it? All you need is a flat surface and … Read more…

New Childbirth Classes in San Antonio

By Carmen Calvo | July 1, 2018 | Comments Off on New Childbirth Classes in San Antonio
birth classes baltimore

We have had the honor of providing Birth Boot Camp classes since 2014 and are so excited to be bringing this curriculum to the families of San Antonio. There are many reasons we love and use the Birth Boot Camp curriculum to prepare couples for an amazing birth. The materials are unmatched and the curriculum, … Read more…

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