Placenta Encapsulation: Why it works

Placenta Encapsulation Services

March 24, 2013

Jodi Selander, founder and director of Placenta Benefits, recently wrote a terrific article discussing the reasoning behind using placenta for postpartum recovery.  The article addresses which hormones and components are contained in the placenta and how losing these components can impact a mother’s postpartum experience.  By reintroducing those hormones into new mothers via placenta encapsulation, they can reach homeostasis with more ease and without the blues and depression.

“Since the placenta is known to contain many of the components that a postpartum woman is lacking following parturition, many believe that by ingesting the placenta postpartum women can re-balance their systems more quickly.” (Selander 2013)

In the article, Jodi also discusses the new research recently published by UNLV and how the Traditional Chinese preparation affects and/or alters the placenta, its components, and its benefits.

If you are on the fence about whether placenta encapsulation is for you or are curious to learn more, you can read the article here.

New Study Finds Placenta Encapsulation Benefits New Moms

Placenta Encapsulation Services

March 8, 2013

New and exciting research coming out of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas finds new moms benefit from placenta encapsulate during their postpartum recovery. Researchers surveyed 189 women about their placenta consumption and outcomes. Most of the women said they engaged in placentophagy to improve their mood and to enhance lactation after birth. The survey concluded that 96% of the women said they had a positive experience and found it helpful and 98% of the women surveyed said they would do it again.

Read more about the study in Ecology of Food and Nutrition

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